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Planning a journey – the wobbles!

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By nature I’m a very spontaneous person.  With the benefit of 20:20 vision or reflection, I find spontaneity allows me to avoid fear.  I’m sure I wouldn’t have done many things in my life if I’d had time (or inclination) to think about them!  I’m also quite stubborn –  once I’ve made a decision … I’ll usually stick to it come hell or high water.

On many occasions neither of these attributes have served me well.

The opposite of spontaneity can, of course, be just as detrimental.  People who sit and think, worry and create lists of reasons not to do something.

A useful tip I’ve learned is to know the reason you’ve chosen something or are planning it in the first place.  Remembering then to focus on the outcome you hope to achieve will usually provide the driver/motivation to move you forward into taking action.  The end might not be known, the reason is good enough.

Where will it go?This post is in reference to the journey I’m about to commence .. in public.  If I’m honest, and I’ve promised to be, I’m a little wary of being quite so open, but then the stubborn-ness and, I guess my integrity, steps in to quieten me – I said I’d do it therefore I will.

I watched a film the other night ‘It Could Happen To You’ and in it Nicholas Cage was flippant enough to give a waitress 50% of his earnings if he won the Lottery.  He did win, and he did give it to her.  The timing of me seeing the film wasn’t lost on me.

My daughters go back to their father’s on Sunday and so this Journey will begin thereafter.  I’m hugely appreciative that so many of you have already shown your willingness to join me … I’m really quite full of trepidation!  There’s a lot of change in my life just now and more to come.   If you see/feel or want to share something of which I’m not aware, please do so.

I already feel like The Fool which is the start of the journey – he however was probably less likely to plan his – much as I rarely did!


Written by Jackie Walker

August 14, 2009 at 7:06 pm

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