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The Fool Part III

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More feedback on The Fool has been received via telephone calls, emails and on Twitter and Facebook.

‘Is The Fool not also wise?’

‘I love the fool as its very much like my sun sign Sagittarius. Takes the leap first and then realises what the consequences are as the journey unfolds but the faith usually makes it worth the risk and brings its own gifts.’

‘The Fool is who you want to be in life, it is both the starting point and the ending – with a lot of learning in between!’

sheep tracksI love all the feedback I’m getting.  As you start to become more and more aware of things around you, the coincidences start to ramp up.  I was lead to an excellent blog post yesterday about Subjective Reality.   Then as I drove over the hill on my way to the bank, I saw a line of sheep crossing a field.  It’s not something new to me, but every time it strikes me as most peculiar why sheep walk in a single file on the one track when they have a whole field to traverse.

The Fool is not one to blindly go where everyone else does, he sees the whole field and chooses where he wants to head and for what reason.  There is discernment and choice.

Relating with what and who you want to, often takes courage to begin with.  It might mean breaking ties with people who prefer to follow  rules and norms without much curiosity.  It doesn’t of course mean that they are right or wrong, it might mean that they just find it easier, less stressful, not worth their time or whatever else it might mean.

The Fool, by choosing to think for themselves, daring to be different, can be ridiculed by those who find it easier and less onerous than to have original thought.   To start with it might feel a bit lonely – well it did for me, and then I found new friends and people who were on the same wavelength.

I believe The Fool is our natural state of being.  What have your first steps been in embracing The Fool in your life?


Written by Jackie Walker

August 20, 2009 at 10:10 am

2 Responses

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  1. The loneliness… that’s what resonated with me from your post today, Jackie. Making unconventional decisions which can be unpopular and isolating. What courage is amplified by finding sympathetic collaborators? Why does that allow the bud that’s tight inside us and held close to our chest to start to unfurl?

    I think I’ve more questions than … Read Moreanswers – maybe it’s where I sit in my own journey! Suffice to say, there’s something infectious about the Fool, isn’t there? Like the Laughing Policeman, one can’t help but join in :o)

    From Julie Gibbons of PeopleMaps.com via Facebook

    Jackie Walker

    August 20, 2009 at 12:01 pm

  2. Oh i’ve been missing out on not reading your blog, really enjoying your exploration of the tarot cards. I’ve been reading them for years, but recently let go for a while as they can become too directive i feel.

    To me the fool is the most fortunate of cards. To me it means the beginning of a new cycle, a new route, path to take. Of course, in tarot, as in life you are never totally free of what has gone before, but with the fool things seem fresh, clean, and open to possibilities.

    The fool seems to direct my life and always has an exciting new tale for me to live.



    October 12, 2009 at 10:53 pm

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