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Know Yourself

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There are times in my life
When all above the water
Appears to be calm and still
When others believe me to be
As happy as I choose to show.

There are few who are willing to

Know what goes on below

Where hidden in the depths

A torrent of pain and confusion

Of believing I’m a fraud.

The belief for them and me

Is that I’m happy and carefree

And I am, not waving but drowning.

With whom can I share the truth

Who will stand firm by me?

In the days of the dark places

I have been blessed by spirit

Who lets me see it’s ok to be me

Who gives me what I need and

I hear his prayer to set me free.

My challenge in those times is to trust

To truly believe beyond now

To know now is good

And can be better when I let it

Happen his way.

I vow to surrender myself

The lessons are mine alone

They make me who I am, taking me

Forward on an ever increasing spiral

Of wonder and choice.

Thank you for keeping me strong

Thank you for holding me true

Thank you for shining your light on me

Thank you for loving me more than I have

Thank you for my life.

Jackie Walker 2008


Written by Jackie Walker

May 9, 2010 at 8:19 pm

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