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Day 1 of the Gym

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Okay, so after yesterday’s somewhat soul laid bare blog, I thought it only reasonable to keep myself motivated with blog entries and a running commentary – no-one else has to read it, but it will do me good to have an expression of what’s happening!

First off, I attended a 4 Networking meeting this morning – the first since the launch of our new company Ugli Mediation.

It was with a degree of nervous anticipation that I stood up and said the words ‘I’m Ugli’.   We launched the business only on 17th May and we were soon given advice from various online friends, some of them marketeers, that we ‘should’ change our name.  In the other camp we had staunch allies to trust our guts and do what we felt was right.

After much deliberation, Amanda and I decided that we were set on Ugli Mediation – it has a purpose, it has meaning, it is memorable and it also does what it says on the tin – we deal with ugly situations and we work to resolve them.  There’s no point in trying to get away from that.  Other mediators may choose a different tack but this one is ours.

When I uttered those words outloud for the first time, I thought of what I’d written here yesterday and it gave me a wry smile.  The 30 or so people in the meeting laughed, and congratulated us on our choice of name, the pitch and the concept.  I had to shoot off early, to go to my induction at the gym, but I was buoyed by the number of members who had possible leads, collaborative efforts and were willing to give input.

In the changing rooms I was welcomed by a handful of ladies who’d just finished a class, they were very jolly, and full of what a great class it had been.  Even more hopefully, they were giving testimonials for the insrtuctors – not one had a bad word to say, and trust me, I was listening!

Lea Woodward’s advice rang in my ears at 7am as I packed my gym stuff, and I chose to listen and deliberately put in a t-shirt which was a damn sight more fitting than I’d intended yesterday!

The instructor, a girl called Anna, was Polish with a wonderful Scottish lilt in her accent!  She was very kind, gentle and yet she meant business … as did I!!  After the warm up and cardio machines, which were relatively easy to understand even for me, we moved through to the weight room.

Oh man alive!  This is where my face fell.  She did keep checking that I was ok.  The problem had nothing to do with the workout, what I was wearing or how I was feeling, it was simply to do with the set up of the machines – all the bits to tweak and turn so that your shoulders, knees, hips and heaven knows whatever else are lined up correctly.

I surprised myself, pleasantly I might add to find that I could do what was being asked of me …. albeit that perhaps it was at the simplest level ever!  That is, until we got to the ab crunching contraption … as Annie mentioned in yesterday’s post.  Where yesterday it meant nothing to me, today it means everything!

It was all set up, she’d demonstrated the simpicity of sitting up by lifting upper body and legs at the same time, but for some strange reason when I lay on the bench and attempted a move, it stayed static.  I asked, perplexed, are you sure you haven’t put a lock on.

But you know what, I persevered and after one, I breathed a sigh of relief.  After three, I was puce in the face.  After six she called it a day.  When I queried how many I was to do and she replied twelve, I wondered how on earth!  But Annie’s words came to mind at that point – you’ll get the better of the contraption.

So I chose to finish my one set of 12 – oh, and by the way this time Anna pointed out that I’d been doing it the hard way!  Ha, not me, surely!!  So, by not going all the way down and being totally prone you can sort of cheat.  I tried that, but to be honest I liked my way better!  Apparently in the morning I might be sore.


Written by Jackie Walker

June 3, 2010 at 9:50 pm

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  1. Now who was it who said that doing it the hard way wasn’t necessarily the ‘wrong’ way? If it’s sore you know you’ve worked something..and next time you’ll work a different bit and even yourself up 😉 (Words of wisdom from an ex-gym attendee who now exercises the Nordic walking way instead of the gym way, with a few stomach crunches and press-ups thrown in when no-one’s looking in Richmond Park!)

    Kirsten Gronning

    June 3, 2010 at 9:59 pm

  2. Lol – love it when words of wisdom come back to bite my behoochie!!

    I can honestly say that when I walked out of the gym I felt soooo much better, even though my legs were a tad jelly like!

    And this is definitely the weather for outside exercise – keep striding purposefully 🙂

    Thanks Kirsten

    Jackie Walker

    June 3, 2010 at 10:18 pm

  3. Whatever you call yourself I wish you much success with the new venture! A service like yours is certainly needed, so best of luck!
    PS I still think you’re more beautiful than Ugli! But you’re right about it being memorable. Good luck with gym too!

    Jane C Woods

    June 3, 2010 at 10:43 pm

    • Thank you Jane, the new venture, like my new health programme is the beginning of something wonderful 😉

      Jackie Walker

      June 5, 2010 at 12:45 pm

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