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Day 2 – Fitness or Scenery

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No pain (ok just a few twinges in my abs) after my first day in the gym – which possibly means I didn’t do enough!

I considered going back to the gym and pushing myself just a bit further, but it was such a lovely day and I really fancied a decent walk in the fresh air.  I live at the very edge of the Pentlands and can walk up into the hills from my house.   So at lunch time, I headed out of the door and up the hill behind the house.  It was beautiful and the walk I’d intended being for 30 minutes turned into an hour and a half!  It wasn’t a hill walk per se, but it did include a long and steady upward climb which satisifed the cardio element I so need to get on top of!

There’s nothing like nature and fresh air to give you a new lease of life and energise you.  I didn’t take my camera as I was going for exercise not to enjoy the scenery.  I kicked myself for being so black and white about it!  It’s perfectly possible to do both isn’t it!

Amongst the gorse bushes were sheep, many of whom were attempting to shed their thick woolly fleeces to get escape the heat of the sun.  It’s so easy for us to just slip layers on and off, my fleece was tied round my waist!  Bits of fleece hung on the gorse like dull tinsel, but for the most part, the sheep were looking hot and bedraggled as their fleeces were coming away in clumps.  Must be shearing time soon.

Walking back home via Poet’s Glen was a joy.  Dropping down through the woods, and back along the Water of Leith, it felt very Dingley Dell like!  I used to do walks like this every day – when I had a dog.

As it’s already Day 3 (I forgot to post yesterday), my plan is to get my bicycle out and go for a wee cycle in the Borders when I pop down to visit my Mother. And yes, I will take my camera with me.


Written by Jackie Walker

June 5, 2010 at 12:40 pm

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