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The Wisest Fool in Christendom #215800

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As I sat to type the title Day 6 for my fitness and Day 1 of the 21:5:800 challenge, it dawned on me that there’d been a King James I (England) and VI (Scotland).  He was the son of Mary Queen of Scots.

I wondered then how I could  incorporate this into today’s writing.   Without going into his full history and impacts as that would require too much research which I don’t have time for, what I gleaned from skim reading the Wikipedia page was that he was a very scholarly man, wrote masses, had strong religious feelings, commissioned a translation of a compilation of the approved books for the Bible (King James Bible).  During his reign he orchestrated a crackdown on witches;  the Gunpowder Plot was thwarted and the colonization of North America commenced.

Busy man!!  Perhaps the most notable legacy though was his wish and intent to bring both Scotland and England under one crown and one parliament – then, as now, it met with opposition from both sides.

It’s the seeming disparity which I’m drawing on.   When two things which seem to link don’t.

Perhaps it’s more to do with the veil of illusion and how we choose to translate things.  How often do we wind ourselves, and others up, by seeing what we believe to be true and expressing it, feeling it and acting upon it.

Harnessing that truth is what sets people apart, it also brings them together – but only when we meet those who think the same way.   We can be villified in one quarter and lorded in another.  We can have ideas which are different and be mocked for them.  We can be slow on the uptake because we need to understand more, and be mocked for it.

We put obstacles in our own path to stop us from changing and embracing new ideas, possibilities and solutions.

It doesn’t look to me like King James was that kind of person and neither am I!!

The veil of illusion fell upon me earlier though as I rattled off a new article for Ugli Mediation , ironically (or not) addressing the issues of criticism from self and others.  Whooppee, it meant I’d completed my 800 word count for today (it’s not posted yet)!!  I yoga’d after that and felt the stretch in my legs, my shoulders, my hips and my core.

I then read Hiro Boga’s utterly amazing blog, Tsunamis in the House of Wholeness with a cup of tea, having smugly completed my day.   I’d only just finished the yoga and was feeling very open.  It brought me back to earth with a bump.

That’s when the veil descended over me. The illusion was two fold – my writing wasn’t good enough, and I hadn’t entered into the spirit of the project as the 800 words I’d written were work related.

As I stripped back the illusion I found the disparity – the link between the 200+ writers in this challenge is our participation, our pleasure in taking part in the project, it is not what or how we write.

I allowed myself to recognise that I had created an excellent article and where I’d really let myself down was by believing it would count towards my 800 words.  My intention in this project is to learn to express myself in a more creative manner, to stretch my writing as well as my body, but above and beyond that it’s to peel away the layers of illusion.


Written by Jackie Walker

June 8, 2010 at 6:22 pm

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