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Define Yourself

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Define or divine?

I’m wondering if you too are sitting there wondering where to even start being able to define yourself?  I heard a question on Twitter the other day which asked what, how and who are you.  As I began to imagine my answer, I saw things which were quite a surprise.

Have you ever had the need to define yourself in that way?  It’s a surprise also to ask the question for what reason are you as you’ve described?  This one might bring up a whole load of reasons for being the person you are and not the person you want to be or thought you were.

The other thing we can pay attention to, if you’re so inclined, is awareness that we can choose at any given time to change our identity.  Sometimes that comes as a shock.  Sometimes our identity feels like it’s the only thing we can hang onto in a world of constant change.  The answer of course boils down to whether you’re happy with what you’ve created.  After all, you are the only person who thinks your thoughts, does what you do and feels the way you feel, so the responsibility is yours.

I’ve been going through a period of redefinition … again!!  My old website The Divorce Coach disappeared from the web at the beginning of January.  I hadn’t noticed as I was otherwise engaged on a very intensive training course in France.  When it was drawn to my attention yesterday, I took a step back and wondered whether or not to reinstate the site or whether it was a good time to let it go and allow me to redefine the work I do without a divorce label.

Other labels we often wear are ones like Mum, Dad, mother, daughter, father, son, etc etc and those are in addition to the label for the job we do.  Recently I’ve noticed how many people are not able to define what they do so easily as they may well be involved in various business ventures, each requiring different skill sets and abilities.

I wonder too if this is the time to being willing to question more?  The Divining Femininity website and workshops are exploring what it is to be female.  It’s a different meaning for each of us and even just within the 4 group co-ordinators we are finding very different understandings.

Maybe I’m alone but for me 2010 is about re-defining me, my life and what I’m about.  This takes divining – a deeper exploration, an asking and an open-ness to receive insights I don’t know yet, the willingness to step into the dark unknown.


Written by Jackie Walker

February 3, 2010 at 11:12 am

The Magician

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The Magician is the card we turn to next.  It’s been bothering me that I haven’t written for a couple of weeks and today as I wait for one daughter to wake up and the other to come home from a sleep over, I decided it was time to resume my journey.

The magicianImagine my surprise when delving into various books to get some understanding of The Magician, I suddenly realised the reason for the delay in proceeding!  As sure as eggs is eggs, I wasn’t meant to write anything until now …. now that I have even more understanding of what’s happening around me.

The Magician card as you can see illustrated here has each of the minor arcana suites at his disposal, he can create what he will.  He is standing in a fruitful picture of gold and flowers – bountiful.  This is a time for those who are about to be rewarded for the expertise and effort they have put into specialised training.  Never could this be more true for me.  For 6 years I have been working to get to where I am, practising, honing my skills, learning new ones and all the time knowing that the day would come when I could trust that the work I do is not by me alone!  By that I mean to fully accept that when I am in my flow of working with clients I am merely the conduit through which their change can happen.

It’s like magic!  The Magician calls upon all sorts of skills – learning, adaptability, communication, observation, callibration, self confidence and willingness to take action towards an outcome.

As you know from my first writing of The Fool I received some awesome news that day and the opportunity is getting bigger and bigger day by day.  This weekend I was told of an even bigger leap for this project which will be announced tomorrow.   The guys behind it are true Magicians with a vision and belief which will improve the lives of so many – take a look at Talking2Minds to see what I mean.  The charity has been set up to eradicate the symptoms of PTSD for service personnnel and their families.

In addition to that, I’ve been working with Tom Evans, The Bookwright and have now got two books in the pipeline, one is a self help book and the other a spiritual book – both addressing relationships and taken from different starting points.

The Magician is providing me with the ability to teach what I have learned, and encouraging me to learn more – both of which I do gladly.   If I stop learning and adding to my skill set, I feel as though I’m drying up, I feel as I’m not feeding an essential part of me.  If I don’t teach what I already know then my knowledge and expertise is wasted, it’s almost as if the universe is saying what’s the point in giving you more when you aren’t sharing what you already have.   It’s time for me therefore to step up and be more accessible to a wider audience.

Written by Jackie Walker

September 6, 2009 at 12:49 pm

The Fool Part II

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Oh yes, fools fall in love .. they fall in love because birds sing so gay, and the rain falls from up above 🙂

As sure as eggs is eggs, folk fall in love.  I would counter it is the antithesis of the fool who doesn’t let themselves fall in love for fear of being hurt, the fear of being rejected, the fear of not being good enough.

The Tarot Fool, as we have already found out is very much the person who is willing to accept innocence, to stride forward with trust and knowing that all will be fine.  When you know that you don’t depend on another to bring you happiness, you too will be able to fall in love.

Fall in love safe in the knowledge that no-one can hurt you, you have more lessons to learn from each person you choose to be with.  Surrendering to the wonder and spectacle of on an open heart.  No requirement for you to change, strong in knowing who you are.

Then it is easy to fall in love, just like rain falls and birds sing.

Written by Jackie Walker

August 18, 2009 at 8:20 pm

Pushing Against the Universe

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When the Universe doesn’t want you to do something because it isn’t in your best interests, you’d better listen up.  It will give you plenty of opportunity to get the message and you would do well to respect it.

Following hot on the heels of the What If You Knew What You Don’t Know, I want to quickly share this as it is so pertinent.

You don’t need to know why at this stage, all you have to do is say OK thanks for letting me know!

pushing agains the universe

My sister got on her motorbike this morning to go and do a day’s contract work driving for a builder’s merchant.  On the 20 mile journey to the depot, she broke down 3 times.  The last time she thought hmmm, better call out the AA.  Meantime she phoned the agency, got the consultant out of bed (it was only 6.45am) and apologised that she wouldn’t be able to get to the job.  A smiley AA chap arrived and found her sheltering from the torrential downpour under a large oak tree.

After only 10 minutes the engine started and neither the mechanic nor my sister knew what they’d done to allow it to happen.  They could find no fault and therefore no logical answer.   Not wanting to take any chances, she asked the AA man to follow her 5 miles to the bike garage where she was going to ask them to run the computer over the bike to ascertain the cause of the three stoppages.  The bike drove like a dream and was patently pleased with itself!

At the garage after extensive searching the mechanics still couldn’t find out what had happened.  The computer showed no trace of faults and didn’t even register the three breakdowns earlier in the morning.  Feeling by this time happy that she had taken all precautions, my sister went to the depot to apologise and explain her absence.

When she got there she was welcomed, ushered into a truck and told to get on with it anyway.  She was feeling a bit pressured, the truck was like a dogs breakfast inside and she was pushed out of the yard.

After the first drop of brieze blocks, she headed off to the next port of call.   Slowing down and almost coming to a stop at a red temporary traffic light, it turned green and she accelerated again.  Having got up to about 15mph, she drove on under a bridge.   The next thing she knew, her cab was 10 feet in the air and the front of the truck was in front of her nose.

Yes, the crane on the back of the truck had met with the bridge.  There were no cars behind her, no people close by and nothing else was involved.  Luckily she wasn’t harmed.

The extra strange piece of this story is that the company who are contracted by the builder’s merchants to do their deliveries had cancelled providing their services across the country for today.  Her shift was never meant to happen.  She wasn’t told this when she turned up to apologise for her tardiness.  She wasn’t told it by her agency.

It later transpires that a regular on this beat had a very similar accident only three weeks previously and it transpires that the builder’s merchants have played with the warning system in the lorry cabs.

easy life

My sister could easily have died today … she didn’t.   I believe the Universe and the Angels have been looking out for her all day.  Next time it feels difficult to do something, just don’t do it and you’ll either find the reason why in due course, or you’ll find an easier and better way.

Written by Jackie Walker

July 24, 2009 at 4:43 pm

What If You Knew What You Don’t Know

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I always think it’s a bit of paradox that we often find ourselves in a situation needing to know things in order to make sense.

The fact is that we only get to know what we don’t know when we become aware that we don’t know it – up till then it hasn’t mattered one iota, therefore why do we get upset about not knowing!

Don't KnowYou can read and study all you like, but that’s not going to help – because you just don’t know what it is that you are going to need to know until you need to know it.

We make decisions everyday based on what we know now, and that’s good enough.  There is no rule that you have to stick to that decision when you know more.  What this means is that you are constantly changing, you are continually learning and knowing more and you can make new decisions whenever you feel like it based on that new information.

This is today’s Note from the Universe

I don’t recommend asking for what you can have, or even for what you can give, nearly as much as I recommend asking for what else you can know.

Because there is always more you can know, and knowing it will radically increase all you can have and give.

When we begin to trust and accept that there are greater forces than ourselves at play, we begin to surrender to the process of being in the right place, at the right time, meeting the right people, saying the right thing and everything is just as it should be.

With a willingness to open to possibility, suddenly we find all sorts of opportunities around us which we didn’t know were there.  In order to notice these possibilities and opportunities we have to be willing to have a quiet mind, be fearless, and to notice what is working and what isn’t.

It requires us to take the blinkers off.  It needs us to be curious.  And, we need to accept when we need to take a different path.

Very often we need to make a decision in order to know more.  The people who take no action,  who worry about  ‘what if’ cannot hear or see what choices they have because they are so engrossed in their story of lack or fear.

Turn Your Thinking On It's Head

Turn Your Thinking On It's Head

Our life is on earth is about  fun and we can make it as easy or hard as we like, every time you don’t know something rejoice in the fact that you are about to turn a corner which will create a new future, if you let it!

Written by Jackie Walker

July 24, 2009 at 11:11 am